4 habits that affect your mental health

Many people engage in activities that negatively impair their mental health but they are unaware that the state of their mental health has degraded. Here are some of your habits that might be affecting your mental health without your knowledge.

Poor sleep habits

Many people don’t get enough sleep which affects different aspects of their health including their mental health.

When you are sleep deprived, it affects your mood and makes it challenging for you to manage stressors. According to recent research, lack of sleep has been linked to the cause of mental health problems like chronic anxiety, depression, and other diseases.


If you love spending time alone, it might not be too good for your mental health. It is important to have some people around you that you converse with.

Even if you don’t like having people around, you need to create little time for this. When you are always isolated, it might be impossible for you to relax mentally and physically.

Lack of exercise/physical activity

When it comes to physical activity, it doesn’t just affect your physical health alone, it can also boost your mental health.

If you don’t exercise regularly, you are likely to develop mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc. Additionally, you might not be able to produce endorphins which help to put you in a great mood.


Many people are unaware that when you procrastinate, it can affect your mental health. Procrastination increases stress levels in the long run and it makes the individual feel less of themselves.

Additionally, it can reduce confidence and energy levels, which would make the person less eager to do productive things.

Apart from these habits, there are others like poor posture, disorganization, lack of gratitude, venting, etc. When you realize that your mental health is not in a good shape, it is best to see a mental health counselor for help.

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